Luxury Safaris Southern Africa, Earthstompers Adventures and the SALT group has identified a total mismatch between the growing tourism industry needs and the available skill sets – which is unimaginable in a country with 50% youth unemployment. We aim to bridge the skills gap for unemployed youth in order to facilitate their entry into the tourism industry. Tourism Boot Camp has three separate modules, each focusing on a different sector of the tourism industry:

Tour Consultant Boot Camp offered by PG Tops and Luxury Safaris

Guide Boot Camp offered by Earthstompers Adventures

Accommodation Boot Camp offered by Saltycrax Backpackers and SALT Boutique Guest House

2019 course dates:

4 February (consultant training)

10 June  (guide training)

8 July (accommodation training)

14 August (guide training)

August (dates TBD) (consultant training)

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Tour Consultant Boot Camps

Tourism Boot Camp aims to bridge the skills gap for unemployed youth through skills transfer andindustry placement. South Africa has over 60% youth unemployment, yet the tourism sector is struggling to find capable travel professionals to service this growing and essential sector of the economy.This untenable situation is being addressed by Pieter Geldenhuys, founder of PG TOPS Travel and Tours. The boutique operator has been operating in Cape Town since 2008 and has successfully trained numerous young people who had no industry experience prior to joining PG TOPS Travel and Tours.

Pieter has translated this model into Tourism Boot Camp, a social initiative aiming to upskill unemployed tourism graduates. During the program they are armed with the final practical requirements to get them closer to gainful employment. Disillusioned job seekers, new entrants and candidates lost to industry will be given the necessary skills during a grueling four-week practical course at the PG TOPS office. They will then be placed with industry partners for medium-term paid internships, with the prospect of long-term employment.

Course Curriculum:

Tourism Boot Camp follows a week-by-week format, where candidates need to successfully pass the weekly assessment in order to proceed to the next week.

The format is as follows:

  • WEEK 1: Cape Town Tours & Logistics training

Principles of consulting and framework discussions. Product training for: Cape Town City Centre Tour, Cape Peninsula Tour, Cape Winelands, Township Tour,Cape Canopy Tour,Whale watching Tourand CPT Safari options.


  • WEEK 2: Front of House, Oral Presentation skills, Attentive Listening, Critical Thinking Skills

The candidates are trained on presenting a real-time consultant and dealing with difficult customers.


  • WEEK 3: Technical Skills, Costings, Bespoke Consulting

Excel spreadsheet training to include multiple day tour costing. Word and email formulation for professional consults.


  • WEEK 4: Educationals & Site Visits

V&A Waterfront orientation, Two Oceans Aquarium, Table Mountain Cableway, Cape Point, Cape Winelands and Whale watching trips are undertaken in the final week.


  • WEEK 5-6: In-industry placement

Industry partners:

Industry support to date has been instrumental to the success of the initiative. From partners who give on their time to deliver the course content to the attractions that comp entrance fees. A special thank you to the following partners:

V&A Waterfront, Wesgro, Marine Dynamics, Cape Town Tour Guide, Dirty Boots, Earthstompers, Two Oceans Aquarium, Table Mountain Cableway, Tsogo Sun, Bikes&Wines, Jordaan Wines, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Point Funicular and Giltedge.



Seasonality – Bespoke Consulting – Timelines – Key Selling Points



Customization – Front of House – Voice coaching – Role playing



Excel – Email – Formatting – Consulting



Tours – Site Visits – Industry partners

What does it cost?


Tourism Boot Camp is a completely free internship – if you pass the rigorous week-by-week evaluations, you can expect to spend six weeks in total. Four weeks to graduate boot camp, followed by a two week placement at an industry partner. Your two weeks at an industry partner will serve as your employment “audition” for further employment, either permanent or fixed term.  Junior salaries in industry range from R3500 to R8,000 per month depending on the placement.

Are you ready to kickstart your career?

Contact information

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  • Unit 13, Prodev Park 2,
    Aviation Crescent,
    Airport City,
    Cape Town