Tourism Boot Camp – Week 8: Congratulations to our Boot Camp Survivors!

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So, the dust has settled on what has been a very rewarding 8 weeks.

To recap, we had:

  1. Over 100 applications
  2. 15 people shortlisted
  3. 5 internships offered

We followed two distinct tracks: Reservations and Operations. The two tracks followed the same protocol for weeks 1 and 2, but in week 3 Johan Ebersohn was diverted onto the Livingstone Acadamy Tour Guide course as part of the Operations Track.

The Reservations track became increasingly tougher as we progressed. By the time we moved the interns upstairs for practical job shadowing, the tough weekly evaluations had resulted in two casualties. The remaining interns were assimilated into the PG TOPS workflow with mentors assigned and a more holistic evaluation process. Monade, Lauren, Imogen and Bianca stepped in and started to work their magic.

Along the way, and I want to thank our industry partners and staff big time for this, the interns were lucky to experience:

  1. A Cape Peninsula tour – Yolanda Bekker
  2. A Cape Winelands tour – Ricardo Kruzer
  3. A Cape Town City Centre tour- Danielle Killian
  4. A lecture on customization options – Clive de Bruyne
  5. A workshop on Excel application in quoting – Chrissy Wolfesberger Human
  6. A visit to Giltedge Golf& Sport for exposure to Travelogic, CRM and incentive technologies and workflows – Warren, Adam, Nicola and the team
  7. A whale watching day out – Zile de Kock and the team at Dyer Island Cruises
  8. A day Safari with Aquila Game Reserve –  Chelsea and the team
  9. A site inspection at the Cape Grace – Amy Knight-Dawson

I am very happy to report that, as of the date of writing:

Johan has already done his first airport transfers, hosted clients on a safari day trip and is rapidly moving towards his tour guide qualification

Yandisa and Khunji have already assimilated into the res department and secured their first clients. Read all about our Boot Campers on the PG TOPS team page!

We will be offering all three contracts from next week to be part of the PG TOPS family. This first stab at Boot Camp was a great success, with an eventual 60% uptake of candidates.

I am scheduling the next round for 15 January 2018 commencement. We need:

  1. Candidates: Aiming to do a class of 10 this time.
  2. A trainer – preferably from industry, but I am looking for someone to spearhead this process
  3. Sponsorship for candidates – PG TOPS will foot the bill for 3-5 candidates, but we can achieve quite a bit of economies of scale if we could find partnership funding for more candidates. My idea is for prospective employers to select a candidate for in-house placement Week 5, and pay their stipend for the first four weeks.  The stipend per week is R1000. In-house placement after week 4 has a high probability of uptake for permanent employment with the sponsoring company, so this has the potential to be a massive win-win.

We’ll keep you posted…




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