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Leanne Knorr has recently joined the PG TOPS team to spearhead the Boot Camp Initiative. Leanne shares our passion for building local talent as opposed to deploying foreign interns. We believe there is space for both, and she is determined to find and develop our best young people.

Leanne is excited to be pursuing a career where she can combine her Marketing, Tourism and Project Management experience. Her career spans over 18 years in the tourism industry, including being part of the FIFA World Cup Event team as Cape Town Tourism ‘s World Cup Marketing Manager. Other highlights of her career include being part of the campaign team behind having Table Mountain awarded as a New7Wonder of Nature.

Leanne describes herself as an adventurer. Having travelled extensively for over 10 years, in South East Asia, Europe, the United States and Israel, during which time she swept streets, picked tomatoes, worked as a chef on a yacht in the Caribbean, spent time at a ski resort and did some office work. Leanne says she is glad to be settled in the Western Cape and fulfilling a meaningful role within the Tourism sector.

Her core personal values are undoubtedly trust, respect and honesty. She works hard at maintaining a well-structured life and work balance and when she’s not at work you will find her chasing waves, riding her mountain bike or running up the mountains.

Among the things she likes most about PG Tops and Travel so far are her cool boss, great colleagues and the relaxed yet buzzing work environment . She says “ I am honoured to be part of the Tourism Boot Camp team and will thrive on implementing this well -structured strategy to leverage all platforms to create awareness and publicity to support this incredible opportunity offered to our youth wishing to pursue a career in the Tourism Industry”.


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