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As we plan our 2019 curriculum, I wanted to do some excerpts from feedback received from some of our 2018’s Boot Camps. This makes it all worthwhile…

Zintle Mtsi, BootCamp 1.0:

“Dear Pieter,

I trust that you have entered into the New Year doing very well.
I haven’t checked-in in a bit so I thought that it would be most fitting to do so in the beginning of this new year just to mention a few highlights from my year at Wesgro, all thanks to the Tourism Boot Camp.
Firstly I’d like to start with mentioning how much the Boot Camp ignited a greater interest and passion in me for tourism, and it is for this reason that I have now visited all Cape Town Big 6 tourism experiences, Robben Island, Waterfront, Table Mountain, Cape Point, Kirstenbosch Gardens, and the Cape Town City Sightseeing red bus. A year ago I could not say this. Since being at the Boot Camp I have also invested in a MyCiti bus card and every other weekend I visit all the other attractions in Cape Town that we covered during the programme, such as the Mojo Market, and the Neighbourgoods Market which I visited for the first time after Tourism Boot Camp.
The second thing I’d like to share is the amount of amazing exposure and experiences that I have had since working at Wesgro. Some of the highlights was being able to host a group of Dutch travel agents in Cape West Coast for 3 days, on my own! Another was when I had my first yacht experience on The Mirage yacht at V&A Waterfront during an official signing of a loan agreement between City of Cape Town and a German bank, and the German president was there as well and the rest of the German delegation. And as for connections I’ve made I can now say I have direct contacts to those Big 6 experiences and other tourism experiences, of which I now have a good working relationship with. Not to mention the fact that I have bumped into so many of the people who taught us during the Tourism Boot Camp, including Zile from Marine Dynamics, and Chrissy from Earthstompers, and I’ve even bumped into the other Boot Campers I had training with, and even those that came after me because they recognized me from my time at Boot Camp.
Finally, saving the best news for last. When I was first hired at Wesgro thanks to Tourism Boot Camp my initial internship contract was for 6 months, which they then extended to another 6 months, and now I have the pleasure of sharing with you that effective as of 1 January 2019, I am a permanent employee of Wesgro, taking up the position as Western Cape Product & Experiential Specialist, which means I will be going out into the rest of the Western Cape a lot looking for new attractions, experiences and products to promote, as part of Wesgro’s mandate to market the Western Cape as a tourism destination. This would be my first official permanent job, since I graduated from University. I welcome any advice from you on how I could make the most of this great opportunity 🙂 .
I would really like to thank both yourself and Leanne for your hard efforts, time and money that you invested in Tourism Boot Campers. This programme really works. Even if I never got the job at Wesgro, the training I received from the Boot Camp was enough to motivate me to go out there and see what’s there for me in tourism, not to mention the very vital and useful exposure and information I received.
Thanking you again, I hope we keep in touch.
Kind regards,
Fazlin Samaai, Bootcamp 3.0:

“Dear Pieter Geldenhuys;

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the tourism boot camp program. In the 4 weeks we trained with you I learned so much in such a short amount of time. What you are giving to people that are unemployed is a chance in life to actually be great at what they do. I thank you for your time and your patience. You have so much knowledge and I’m greatful that you shared some of it with us. I also want to thank all the PG Tops staff for being there when we had questions, you ladies are trully amazing. I’m really enjoying working at earthstompers, im learning something new everyday and everyone in the office is super helpful.Thank you once again for everything I really appreciate it.
Fazlin Samaai”
Nadine Abrahams, Bootcamp 3.0:
“Hi Pieter,

I trust you are doing well.

First of all I want to wish you a blessed Birth Day & Many more blessed years to come and may all your wishes & desires in life be granted to you.

I Love it here at Gilt-edge, I’m learning so much and I just want to Thank You for giving me the opportunity, for training & teaching me.

Gilt-edge has offered me a 6 month contract as an administrative consultant so I’ll be staying for a while and hopefully they will offer me something permanent.

I am working extremely hard and to the best of my ability.

Thank you so much for everything, I truly appreciate it and I apologize for only getting back to you now due to e-mail setting up procedures.

Happy Birthday and I hope you have an awesome day.

Kind Regards,



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