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Tourism Boot Camp 4.0 has seen one of the strongest groups yet. We are very pleased with the progress shown as we refine the industry readiness program.

It has been a busy few weeks at the PG TOPS group, but we kinda made it work. Imagine the following obstacles in our way these last three weeks:

  1. The lack of a dedicated project manager to the Boot Camp, with Lauren-Lee Isaacs ably stepping in to help while also fulfilling her normal duties. PG handled most of the week 1 logistics training, with Zile de Kock, as always, helping out on Sharks and Whale Watching training. We love you Marine Dynamics.
  2. PG off at the SATSA conference on front-of-house week 2, shaking hands and kissing babies (which is important), but back at Boot Camp the hard yards were fulfilled by Lauren, ace Boot Camp alumni Khunji and visiting industry exec from Tsogo Sun Yolande West.
  3. Then we hit week 3 – technical. Chrissy Human managed to shepherd the interns along with limited resources (we moved offices that week and had to shove Boot Camp into the garage). Luckily, Chrissy found a clever solution, and took the crowd on a wine tour on day 3 to Morgenster instead and completed the training at the Earthstompers office
  4. Since we are super busy next week and have run out of vehicles to take the interns on much needed practical tour exposure, we shifted the Peninsula and winelands excursions to this week. Nicole van Heerden has again volunteered to take them out to experience first hand what our guests expect, including visits to Jordan, Spice Route, the Cape of Good Hope and of course the Penguins.

The cream rises to the surface. We are quite proud that this group will go places, and we are looking for intern placements for them starting 7 August 2018. Please contact Lauren-Lee at if you would like to get involved with this amazing project!

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